The most complete range of Printed Circuit Boards

Capabilities The capabilities of AQC

Whatever your challenge, AQC B.V. is your PCB partner. We offer high-tech PCBs to the entire Electronics Industry. AQC is your dedicated and independent one-stop-shop for Printed Circuit Boards.

  • Fast service for any type of technology/product
  • Expertise to provide solution-focused advice
  • Competitive prices
  • Single or multi-layer PCBs up to 80 layers
  • Flex-rigid en Flex Boards, 28+ layers
  • Simple technology to complex HDI PCBs
  • Prototype to mass production
  • Rush, PCBs available with very short lead time
  • Customer-focused
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We provide excellent Advise & support

AQC has the expertise to think along and advise during the design phase of the PCB. We assure you that we will answer all questions quickly, adequately, but above all in a customer-oriented way.

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  • Advice throughout the design process
  • Verification that the product is manufacturable
  • Tips & tricks for your PCB Design Project
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We treasure our Lab & quality

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We cherish our independence, especially in quality control. Our in-house laboratory is equipped to double check the quality of delivered products. Did we receive exactly what you asked for, undamaged and ready to use? No product leaves the AQC headquarters without inspection according to AQL method.

About us Why AQC

AQC wants to know what is important to the customer. Every experience is taken into account for improvement. Communication, expertise and speed in all departments is where we want to distinguish ourse

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Competitive prices

We have the most competitive prices on the PCB market, prices with no hidden extra charges or fees.

We are independent

We pride ourselves on being independent. This allows us to distinguish ourselves through our flexibility and speed. Quality comes first.

Working together with AQC also offers the following advantages

  • Fast delivery / short lines
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Expertise in all departments
  • PCB knowledge
  • In-house laboratory
  • Common sense

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