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Building investment AQC Chooses Endurance and Cybersecurity with Smart Upgrades

AQC has taken a bold step by investing heavily in IT infrastructure and improving their building. Find out how these steps are making AQC safer and greener.

Robust Cyber Security by E-Quest E-Quest's Robust IT Ops: Protecting Against Digital Risks Thanks to E-Quest, AQC has strengthened their digital world with powerful security measures. Strong firewalls, smart detection systems and advanced encryption keep out viruses and malware, resulting in data protection and customer trust.

Smart Building Upgrades with Reflect, Ivenco, Heesmans and Bouwservice Kellenears of Helmond

Reflect’s Smart Window Film: Cool and Environmentally Conscious

With Reflect on board, AQC not only upgraded their building, but also improved energy efficiency. The new window film provides better insulation and energy savings. It also protects against harmful UV rays and provides a comfortable working environment.

Ivenco’s Trendy Air Conditioners: Fresh and Smart

Thanks to Ivenco, AQC now enjoys comfortable workplaces with modern air conditioning systems. These systems not only improve the indoor climate, but also minimize energy consumption. This is a testament to AQC’s commitment to employees and sustainability.

Heesmans’ Renewed Roof: Protection and Sustainability

Heesmans’ renewed roof has not only provided protection, but also sustainable energy generation. This roof accommodates solar panels, making AQC greener while saving on energy costs.

Bouwservice Kellenears Helmond: Top performance in Carpentry and Improvements

With Bouwservice Kellenears Helmond at the helm for the roof project, AQC not only provided craftsmanship, but also rigidity and improvements that deserve kudos.


With these smart investments in both physical and digital improvements, AQC demonstrates their commitment to a sustainable and safe future. Together with partners, they have not only revamped their environment, but also made a statement on sustainability and cybersecurity. AQC is ready to strengthen their position in tomorrow’s green and digital world.

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