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AQC - Cobar Technology Day

16 March 2023, a technology day took place where PCB pad finishing and contemporary soldering processes and the correlation between the two with the objective of a robust soldering process and reliable solder joint.

The presenters during this technology day each have 30 - 40 years of experience with soldering processes in the electronics industry. Han Raetsen who is Area Sales Support / Key account manager at Cobar and Henk Mathijssen who is quality manager at AQC. Both are well-known specialists, IPC trainers and both have a lot of international experience.


During the day, several topics were covered by Han Raetsen, Cobar and Henk Mathijssen, AQC

– Basics in soldering, making a reliable solder joint
– Solder surface HASL, Immersion Sn, Immersion Ag, OSP, production process, properties, applications and IPC specification
– Q&A
– Solder alloys, composition, properties and application
– Solder surface, ENIG, Flash gold, ENEPIG including Hard Gold, production process, properties, applications and IPC specification

It was also explained what effect a pcb finish has in making a reliable solder joint and how these finishes relate to relevant IPC standards. This was followed by a more in-depth look at what effect a pcb finish has on solder bath management. The closing was taken up by Ronny Daniëls, Cobar & Erwin Lemmens, AQC.

The AQC – Cobar Technology Day was a valuable and informative day for professionals working in the electronics industry interested in achieving robust soldering processes and reliable solder joints.

Looking forward to the next meeting.


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