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Chinese New Year 2024 Gear Up for Chinese New Year 2024 with AQC!

We would like to inform you about the upcoming Chinese New Year, which will commence on Saturday, February 10, 2024, marking the beginning of the Year of the Dragon

In celebration of this occasion, our factories in China will be closed from February 10 to February 17, 2024. To avoid potential disruptions in the supply chain, we advise you to place your orders as early as possible, ensuring that production volumes for the upcoming months are covered. It's worth noting that AQC offers flexibility, including the option to deliver larger quantities or orders from existing stock. Additionally, we can initiate production and schedule delivery at a later date. All options are open for discussion, and we are committed to thinking ahead and assisting you in finding the best solution for your needs.

Ensure the seamless production of your PCBs. Together, we aim to plan the optimal solution for your needs! Our dedicated team is ready to process your requests and address any inquiries. Feel free to contact AQC office for additional information regarding lead times and recommendations for your order planning.

We’re here for your to make sure your circuits shine, even if dragons steal the spotlight.


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