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A Multilayer consists of at least three or more copper layers. Often a multilayer is made from one type of base material. However, it is possible to use different materials, we call this a hybrid print.

Between the copper layers is prepreg which is compressed this togetter forms a multilayer. The complexity of the fabricating process determines the price, where drills such as blind, buried and stacked vias are a factor that make the product multiple times through the entire fabrication process and this increases the cost.

CapabilitiesThe capabilities of Multilayer Products

In the case of design problems, such as interference and crackling, it is important to keep the length of traces as short as possible. This is easier to achieve on a ML than on an 1L or 2L PCB.

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  • Increased functionality

    Small size, resulting in lesser weight.

  • More possibilities in the choice of components

    (micro) BGA, density of assembly.

  • The more layers

    The more compact the design can be maintained.

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We provide excellent Advise & support

AQC has the expertise to think along and advise during the design phase of the PCB. We assure you that we will answer all questions quickly, adequately, but above all in a customer-oriented way.

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  • Advice throughout the design process
  • Verification that the product is manufacturable
  • Tips & tricks for your PCB Design Project

Example of a 6-layer Multilayer

  • Plated through holes
  • Prepreg build


Other Features

  • Core build
  • Materials combined in construction (Hybrid)
  • asymmetrical Stack up
  • Different copper thicknesses combined

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Not only capabilities in products but also in production locations on other continents. This allows AQC to easily switch in case of a calamity.

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We treasure our Lab & quality

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We cherish our independence, especially in quality control. Our in-house laboratory is equipped to double check the quality of delivered products. Did we receive exactly what you asked for, undamaged and ready to use? No product leaves the AQC headquarters without inspection according to AQL method.

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