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Since November 3, 2014, AQC has been acting as knowledge center for companies that purchase PCBs. Not only does it take all the hassle out of the process, it also provides support in technical issues.

AQC it’s just a name our people make the difference

As a start-up organization, it is not always easy to get a chance to prove yourself. What does work is that clients know what to expect from you, and that the agreements you make are kept. That’s how AQC started growing from scratch. “The people make the difference” was a slogan that is actually true. After all, you don’t do business with companies but with people. The enthusiasm we still have and radiate is not fake. We have fun in what we do. Of course it helps if you have experienced people around who have helped turn another relatively small company into an SME. Luckily, bears on the road don’t have to be the same. We know exactly where the obstacles lie and have a clear vision.

Service in PCB world

Something we see as AQC is that service is downgrading everywhere. Production locations are busy making PCBs and often forget to arrange communication properly. Where for one the speed of quoting is important, for another the quality of the quotation has a higher priority. Providing service not only in daily activities such as quotation, work preparation, order confirmation, quality checks, deliveries, but also in sharing knowledge of production processes, software, possibilities, product specifications, quality standards is something in which AQC wants to distinguish itself. In addition, we provide Meetings, Senimas, and Courses for all relevant topics in the PCB industry. We have an ideal facility for this at Zuidijk 5 in Helmond.

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AQC’s Printboerke



We at AQC want to be known as those who use common sense. In honor of the 5th anniversary, we asked artist Peter De Gruyter, from sculpture studio “The Menhir”, to help us create a life-size (booth) sculpture of the “Printboerke”. He is standing at the market with PCBs in his hand and is engaged in “handshaking”, negotiating in order to agree on an attractive price for the PCBs. For the younger people among us: this is how it used to be.


A university education is not enough. Competencies such as acting innovatively, leadership, assertiveness, anticipation, analytical ability and more, can very well be summarized as “Boerenverstand” common sense.

We see more and more that certain situations are not thought through properly. Difficult technologies applied unnecessarily, panalization, choice of production partner, wrong order quantities, possibilities in repairs.

We can help you with this. Through shame and damage one becomes wise. AQC has enough people with years of experience and the right knowledge to play the right role. The common sense is there from the beginning.

We provide excellent Advise & support

AQC has the expertise to think along and advise during the design phase of the PCB. We assure you that we will answer all questions quickly, adequately, but above all in a customer-oriented way.

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  • Advice throughout the design process
  • Verification that the product is manufacturable
  • Tips & tricks for your PCB Design Project

Our branchesBranches

AQC provides highly reliable, custom PCBs for all industries. From simple to complex, in low and high volume. We make sure you get the best in Multilayer, High Density Interconnect (HDI) Radio Frequency (RF), Imulated Metal Base (IMS), Flexible, Rigid Flex and Single & Double sided. And of course we supply a whole range of special products. Tell us what you need and we'll take care of it.


AQC has a strong relationship with the best R&D teams around the world. We meet your industrial PCB requirements along with a solid network of reputable partners. Nothing is too much for us and quality comes first.


In medical systems that are often life-saving, two factors are crucial: high reliability and zero defects. AQC develops and supplies PCBs for highly reliable medical systems.

RF Microwave

specially with RF Microwave PCBs, the choice of material is very decisive for the best performance. At AQC, we have extensive experience in using the best PTFE materials*, with appropriate electrical and mechanical properties, available from Rogers, Isola, Taconic and others.

Aviation / Defense

Standards for aerospace and defense are evaluated to ensure high performance even in extreme conditions. Therefore, PCBs for critical electronic systems must be 100% compliant with the most rigorous conditions in the field. Our PCBs meet all requirements, and more if you want.

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The most ideal manufacturer for each type of product. Quality/delivery time/price/volume/reliability/technology. Please specify what is important for you.

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CapabilitiesExplore capabilities

Not only capabilities in products but also in production locations on other continents. This allows AQC to easily switch in case of a calamity.

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