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"Boerenverstand" AQCPrintboerke

In honor of the 5th anniversary, we asked artist Peter De Gruyter, of Sculpture Studio "The Menhir", to help us create a life-size (stand) sculpture of the "Printboerke".

Printboerke is a market vendor with printed circuits boards (PCBs) in his hands and is busy with bargaining by clapping one another’s hands an shouting prices. In this war, Printboerke tries to agree on an attractive selling price for the PCBs. For the youngsters among us: this is how it used to be.

Common sense


Having a university degree is not enough. Common sense can be summarized by competences such as innovative behaviour, leadership, assertiveness, ability to anticipate and analytical skills. We increasingly see that certain situations or choices are not well thought out. For example, unnecessary use of complex technologies, panelization, choice of production partner, correct order quantities and possibilities in repairs.

We are able to help you with this. Through shame and damage one becomes wise. AQC has plenty of experienced employees who have the right and necessary knowledge. Therefor, AQC can be added value in this, as we use our common sense from the beginning.

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