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Henk Mathijssen AQC presentation D&E event Evoluon Eindhoven

New generation of LMPA (Low Melting Point Alloys ) for heat sensitive substrates and compoments. The main reason behind this demand was to reduce or eliminate the "Head in Pillow" defect on BGA components.

With this failure in the soldering process, the adhesion between component and PCB fails. The availability of these next generation low melting point alloys gives developers the ability to use heat sensitive substrates and components that were difficult or impossible to solder with traditional alloys such as SAC305.


D&E Event, despite the somewhat low turnout, there were still enough participants to put down a good story.

Not only to share the knowledge with others but also to introduce the outside world (as far as necessary) to our well-known AQC Quality Manager  Henk Mathijssen.  Here is the link to the presentation given on Next generation LMPA. If you have further interest on this or any other topic you can always contact Henk.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the fellow participants it was nice meeting you again and we will see you 27 September at the WOTS (World Of Technology & Science) in Utrecht.


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