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Product Flexible Circuits

Flex PCBs are a connection between electronic parts and due to the small space they require, often used in many modern day electronics. In addition, flex PCBs are more resistant to heat compared to normal cables.

Flex PCBs can be single-sided, double-sided or multilayer. Flex PCBs are costly, but not always more expensive compared to conventional cables. Connecting flex PCBs takes little time and can hardly be wrong. Blind and buried holes can also be applied in flex PCBs. To improve assembly or mounting they can be equipped with stiffners.

CapabilitiesThe capabilities of Flexible Circuits

There are many advantages for a Flex PCB over standard cables.

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  • Thermal management

    Flex PCBs can handle heat better compared to standard cables

  • Reliable

    Because Flex PCBs are one piece it is a very strong solution.

  • Fewer mistakes

    No cable assembly required, so no chance of connection errors

  • Manoeuvrable

    Application in a complex room possible due to the flexibility of the flex

  • Minimal space

    Flex PCBs are very thin and therefore little space is needed to make a connection between 2 PCBs.

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We provide excellent Advise & support

AQC has the expertise to think along and advise during the design phase of the PCB. We assure you that we will answer all questions quickly, adequately, but above all in a customer-oriented way.

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  • Advice throughout the design process
  • Verification that the product is manufacturable
  • Tips & tricks for your PCB Design Project

Features of a Flex PCB

  • Plated through holes
  • Blind Via’s
  • Buried via’s
  • Stacked via’s
  • Bookbind
  • FR-4 of 3M stiffeners
  • Carrier

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Not only capabilities in products but also in production locations on other continents. This allows AQC to easily switch in case of a calamity.

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We treasure our Lab & quality

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We cherish our independence, especially in quality control. Our in-house laboratory is equipped to double check the quality of delivered products. Did we receive exactly what you asked for, undamaged and ready to use? No product leaves the AQC headquarters without inspection according to AQL method.

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