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Aluminum PCB. An aluminum printed circuit board is a metal-based copper-clad laminate that provides high performance, including excellent thermal conductivity and electrical insulation. Aluminum PCBs are the most common type of PCB of all Metal Core PCBs. The basic material consists of an aluminum layer combined with the FR4, also called ‘ Flame Retardant 4’ . This has a thermally coated layer that dissipates heat in a very efficient way.

In this way, the components on the aluminum PCB can be permanently cooled. Ultimately, this increases the overall performance of the products. In short, an aluminum PCB is very suitable for many different applications and within different industries, including the medical industry and automotive industry.

Advantages Aluminum PCBs

Aluminum printed circuit boards are very suitable for various custom applications and are increasingly used in the automotive industry. Some of the advantages of these aluminum circuits can be:

  • Environmentally friendly. It is made of recyclable metal and therefore an environmentally friendly product.
  • Regulating heat. Aluminum PCBs dissipate heat very quickly, which limits any damage to the printed circuit board.
  • Higher durability. A stronger and more durable product which reduces fragility and thus optimally guarantees the lifespan during and after production.
  • Lightweight. Aluminum PCbs have a surprisingly lightweight metal. Aluminum adds strength and resilience without adding extra weight.

Because an aluminum circuit board can dissipate the heat quickly, this results in optimal operation of the aluminum circuit board. It also means that the aluminum PCB has a longer life in its components. An ideal production option for LEDS, lighting and power applications where, of course, reasonably high temperatures already apply.

Curious about what you need? AQC is happy to provide appropriate advice on the various options in aluminum PCBs.

Aluminum circuits for your design process

Aluminum circuits for your design process. AQC is happy to provide support and advice during an Aluminum Circuit design process and, together with the customer, examines which type of Aluminum PCB suits you best. A full DFM check is therefore carefully used prior to production. The following information will be shared with you during the DFM check:

  • How is the layer structure, layer stack in other words, stack up;
  • Impedance calculations are performed;
  • Panel proposal is made.
  • Possible optimization and improvement of yield production.

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