AQC is your dedicated one-stop-shop for pcb’s in low and high volume, for research, prototype and end product. We are proud to be independent, flexible and fast. Quality is king. We follow and protect professional standards and procedures like hawks. All to make sure we deliver as promised, giving you the best products and service for competitive prices. Try us. Grant us your business and trust. We will surprise you, because that makes doing business fun.


We believe transparency is crucial for delivering the best products and creating lasting business relations. So, after you send us your data, we’ll deliver a quote from the best qualified manufacturer asap. We will also send you our complete working file so you know in detail how we prepare your data container for production.

After receiving your products we take three major actions in quality control:

  • We thoroughly check a sample of your products according to AQL standards in our laboratory.
  • We decide which products to repack, making sure we protect your fragile high tech product the best we can.
  • We send our AQC drivers to hand over your order personally, especially when fast and secure delivery is crucial.

AQC – It’s just a name.