AQC delivers highly reliable, custom made PCBs for all industries. Whatever you need, we can deliver. From simple to complex, in low and high volume. We make sure you get the best in Multilayer, High Density Interconnect (HDI) Radio Frequency (RF), Imulated Metal Base (IMS), Flexible, Rigid Flex and Single & Double sided. And of course we deliver a whole range of special products. Tell us what you need and we will develop and deliver.


AQC has a strong connection to the best R&D teams worldwide. We serve your industrial PCB requirements through a solid network of reputable partners. The sky is the limit and quality is always king.


In medical systems, often life saving, two factors are crucial: high-reliability and zero defects. AQC develops and delivers PCBs for highly reliable medical systems.

RF Microwave

Especially in RF Microwave PCB’s the choice of materials is crucial for the best performance. At AQC we have vast experience in using the best PTFE-based materials, with proper electrical and mechanical properties, available from Rogers, Isola, Taconic and others.

Defense / Aerospace

Standards in Defense and Aerospace evolved from the need to ensure high performance at extreme conditions. That is why circuit boards for mission critical electronic systems must be manufactured according to meticulous standards with top capabilities to meet the most rigorous conditions in the field. We meet all necessary standards and more if you want.