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Rogers RO4003 PCB material

RO4003 is one of a RO4000 series basic material used for many purposes in different application fields. For example; the medical industry or an airplane industry. RO4000 PCB materials are specially designed to offer a high frequency performance and at the same time low coast circuit fabrication.

This can be easy fabricated using standard epoxy/glass (FR4) processes offered at competitive prices. A low dielectric (Dk) loss allows RO4003 materials to be used in many applications. Many applications where higher operating frequencies limit the use of conventional circuit boards laminates.

RO4003 material has the right quality needed for designers of RF (microwave) printed circuit boards and matching networks. RO4000 series laminates can easily be fabricated into PCBs using a standard FR4 processing techniques of this PCB.

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Data sheet

RO4003 Features

• Dk of 3.38 +/- 0.05
• Dissipation factor of 0.0027 at 10 GHz
• Low Z-axis coefficient of thermal expansion at 46 ppm/°C

Benefits of Rogers 4003 PCB material

• Ideal for multi-layer board (MLB) constructions
• Processes like FR-4 at lower fabrication cost
• Designed for performance sensitive, high volume applications

RO4003C Laminates

Rogers RO4003C materials are proprietary woven glass reinforced hydrocarbon/ceramics with the electrical performance of PTFE/woven glass and the manufacturability of epoxy/ glass.

RO4003C laminates are offered in various configurations. RO4003C laminates utilize both 1080 and 1674 glass fabric styles with all configurations which meets the same laminate electrical performance specifications.

RO4003C laminates provides a tight control on dielectric constant, also called Dk, and has a low loss while utilizing the same processing method as standard epoxy glass but at a fraction of the cost of conventional microwave laminates. No special through-hole treatments or handling procedures are required.

AQC B.V. the right support on your design project:

To find Roger 4000 series materials that will provide the best balance of performance and board cost is more complicated than simply comparing data sheets and prices.

With help from our professionals at AQC B.V. this will be no problem at all! AQC B.V. provides a high service level in PCB world. Especially for materials like the RO4003 PCB. Before launching a new prototype, we want to be 100% sure of a flawless and consistent performance.

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