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High Tg, Low CTE and Phenolic-Cured Laminate & Prepreg

IT180A is a Multifunctional Filled Epoxy Resin

IT-180A is an advanced high Tg (175 by DSC) multifunctional filled epoxy with low CTE, high thermal reliability and CAF resistance. It’ s design for high layer PCB and can pass 260 Lead free assembly and sequential lamination process.
Detailed information

If you want more detailed information about the IT-180A feel free to take a look at the full product data sheet, which you can view by clicking the download button below.

Data sheet

IT180A Features

  • Advanced High Tg Resin Technology
  • Lead-Free Assembly Compatible
  • Friendly Processing and CAF Resistance
  • CAF Resistance
  • Available in Variety of Constructions

Benefits of the IT180A

  • IT-180A is multifunctional and can be applied in various forms of application;
    Multilayer and High Layer PCB Automobile, Backplanes, Servers and Networking Telecommunications, Data Storage and Heavy Copper Application
  • Other key features
    • Low CTE
    • High heat resistance
    • Excellent CAF resistance
    • Good through-hole reliability

Use cases for IT180-A

High TG base material for thermally demanding applications acc. IPC 4101-21 / 24/97/98/99/101/121/124/126
The IT180-A base material is manufactured with a multifunctional, phenolic-hardened, filled epoxy resin system and a glass transition temperature with a Tg value of ≥ 175 ° C (DSC).

Due to its high decomposition temperature of TD of> 345 ° C, it is particularly suitable for thermally demanding applications.

It is CAF resistant and, thanks to its modern resin matrix, is particularly suitable for the production of multi-layer circuits.

IT180A is generally manufactured with a UV blocker.

It fulfills the RoHS, UL 94 V-0 and is certified according to the railway standard NF F16-101, as well as DIN EN Iso 4589-2 2006 / EN 45545-2 (R22 / R23 / R25).

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