We can produce 3 different types of lexible prints:
Single sided, double sided and Multilayered.

Multilayer flex pcb can be designed using blind and burried vias as well plated trough holes.


  • Small package size

  • Improved resistance to vibrations and movements.

  • Flexible flat cables (FFC’s) takes less space than the standard wired cables.

  • Increased reliability and durability.

  • Assembly error reduction due to less connectors.

  • Can be warped or deformed without any brackage. (this while the tensile strength is high)

  • High flexions up to nearly 360 degrees.

  • Improved heat dissipation and airflow.

  • Decreased assembly time and costs in case off FFC’s.

  • Can be used for all kind of applications eg. Medical, Military, Aerospace and all kind of portable devices.