We have a winner!


During the WoTS 2018 it was pleasantly busy in the AQC stand. Of the more than 820 stand visitors, some 700 students and business associates took a shot at the much wanted cup of our AQC darts competition. Last year’s champion, Kevin van Gerwen (yes, it’s the brother!) came to defend his 2017 title in good spirits. But, he did not succeed. The winner of the AQC electronic darts tournament 2018 is  Eric Luijtjes, student at MBO Landstede in Harderwijk.

Of the four day winners, who each went home with a chrome castplayer, Kevin van Gerwen reached 308 points and Eric Luijtjes 339. All participants who scored 150 or more points received a set of electronic AQC-darts. We are challenging all contestants to get better every year.

Thank you very much to all our stand visitors for connecting with us. Next year you will find us at the Electronic & Applications 2019 from 14 to 16 May. Of course we will install our dartboard again. So practice well! Maybe next year you are the one to win our much wanted trophy. Until then, Eric Luijtjes is on the throne.