The use of PCB’s in Formula cars


PCB’s in Formula

For a Formula Student car, reliability is very important. This reliability is greatly influenced by the parts that are used. One of the parts that greatly influence the reliability are the printed circuit boards (PCBs), which are often used to create a connection between electrical components on a board.

In a Formule car, over 25 different PCB designs could be used. The quality of these PCBs is an important factor in the reliability of the car.

To increase the reliability of a Formule car, we as AQC can provide parties with high-quality PCBs.

AQC supplies URE!

To give an example; University Racing Eindhoven
URE is the Electric Fomula Student Team from the Eindhoven University of Technology.

We have recently supplied them with high-quality PCBs for use in their Formula Student car.

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About Formula Student

Formula Student is the world largest design competition for students, with competitions being held all over the globe every year. Formula Student traces its roots back to Formula SAE, which was founded in 1981 in Texas.

This car has to be designed, build, tested and driven by students, with every year a new car. The focus of the competition is on the design process of the car, promoting clever problem-solving and well-organized teams, resulting in the engineers of the future.

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