Product development

Product development. An important process in the electronic pcb-industry. In order to develop a printed circuit board, various steps are required to actually create a PCB design. AQC B.V. is happy to help you with this and would like to advise according to the needed requirements and wishes. Feel free to contact us.

Product design process

The purpose of an electronic design is to create a printed circuit board (PCB). Within product development, developing a new (electronic) product is certainly not an easy process. There are many steps needed to be taken in this product design process;

Schematic pcb-design;

The first step in making a new PCB is to create a schematic design. Designing a schematic printed circuit board first requires good research.

Printing a Printed Circuit Board

All selected components are placed with associated footprints. By means of this schematic drawing, all components will be correctly connected to each other.

Conflicts and challenges such as the right clearance and creepage can be discussed with our AQC engineers at any time. For example: layer structure, possibly impedance calculations and material choices can also be reviewed.

When the layout is complete, the PCB will be checked again according to the schematic PCB design. As soon as the PCB design is completed and all specifications are known, a first prototype will be made.

Control and quality check

As soon as the first prototype has been made, a final check will be done. After the final validation, there may will be a small modification left or, if not and this prototype is good to go, production will be the final step.

Advise during your PCB design project?

With AQC your goal is real!

Product development together with AQC B.V.

AQC B.V. has many professionals with years of experience. They have the right knowledge to deliver the right product. For example, AQC can be your advisor for a 2-layer PCB design, but also for more information about more complicated printed circuit board designs. Not sure yet? The professionals of AQC B.V. will work this out for you, together.

Ask our professionals for advice

AQC will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of printed circuit board product development and will help you throughout the PCB development process. Let us help you which PCB design is the best solution for you! Please feel free to contact us via: or +31 (0) 88-0045500 or via our contact form;