Introducing: colleague Myra Vervoort

Have you called AQC in recent months? Then chances are you have already spoken to our new colleague Myra Vervoort. Besides her work as an order administrator she answers our phone. Time to get to know her!

Myra: “Since January 2021 I take care of the order administration for AQC. I like this very much. Before I started working at AQC I worked at an insurance company and at a law firm. So the technical world is new to me. But I quickly learned to find my way around. AQC is a pleasant, informal company. The atmosphere is good. We work hard, but it is also very cozy.”

Myra would like to develop herself further within AQC. “Besides order administration, I am the first point of contact for customers by phone. Moreover, I would like to get to know the entire business process of AQC. That way I can help out where needed and assist my colleagues.”

And further…

Myra lives together with her boyfriend in Deurne. In January they moved into a new house, which they are now fully enjoying. In her free time, Myra likes to exercise, go out for dinner or meet up with friends.