Introducing: colleague Joris Hoogendoorn

A new member of our team. On September 1st Joris Hoogendoorn started working at AQC as Quote Engineer. This means that from now on you can also contact him with your quotation requests. Joris would like to introduce himself.

Joris: “As Quote Engineer I handle the incoming requests from our customers. When they request a certain type of printed circuit board, I look for the right production line, make a suitable offer and possibly give advice on the design of the printed circuit board. Customers can also come to me if they have any questions during this process.”

Back in the PCB business
Joris likes it at AQC. “In the past I also worked as a Quote Engineer, but then at a different company. Then I worked for three years as a transport planner. Although I also liked this, I wanted to get back into the PCB business. I am glad that I get this opportunity at AQC. In the coming time I want to further increase my knowledge of printed circuit boards. After all, there is always something new to learn.”

Warm atmosphere
Working at AQC feels a bit like coming home. “I may not have known AQC yet, but Erwin, Harold and Eric did. We worked together at a previous employer and I am happy that we are now colleagues again. The atmosphere within AQC is very warm, pleasant and relaxed. The doors are always open here and everyone helps each other when necessary. That’s nice!”

And further…
Joris lives in Liessel in Brabant. He has a son of 2.5 years and a daughter of 4 months, with whom he likes to spend his free time. He also enjoys kicking a ball around on the soccer field and drinking a beer with his friends.