The AQC laboratory has been expanded with an X-Ray from Fisher® (type XDLM 232)

This device is used for material analyses. However, the main reason why AQC purchased it is to be able to check coating thickness. You want to be able to carry out additional checks on certain specific customer requirements. Such as the thickness of Hard Gold. The numbers tell the tale is only possible with such a machine.

All surface finishes such as ENIG, ENEPIG, Hard Gold, HAL, HAL Pb free, Silver, Tin can be measured quickly. Reports are easy to make with a good piece of software. We will supply the report when it is desired. The machine will also be used to selectively designate a location where we can make destructive microsections.

Extra Service

We are often asked to conduct research on behave of the Quality of Printed Circuit Boards in general. AQC provides this activity as an extra service and wants to be known as the supplier that delivers the right quality. It is no coincidence that ‘Quality’ is in our name.

This had been on the wish list for some time. We will continue to invest.