Developments in the market: how AQC ensures continuity

The raw materials market is very unstable at the moment. Many materials, such as thick copper, exotic materials and flex materials, are difficult to obtain. Prices have also risen sharply since March this year. At AQC we do everything we can to guarantee the continuity of processes. This way we ensure that you will experience as little inconvenience as possible.

Co-owner Erwin Lemmens: “Fortunately, the pcb world is less affected by the global shortages than the components sector, but there is definitely a big problem. Delivery times are longer, prices are higher and various parties are buying larger volumes, going on a hoarding spree.

Within the AQC network, we still have sufficient options available to our customers. We are a small organization and very flexible. The lines within our company are short, so we can switch quickly. Moreover, we work with production partners who are also flexible. The majority of these partners still have sufficient material in stock for us. And when importing products, we have various options for getting the product to the customer, depending on the urgency.

We find it important that customers can count on us. All these things ensure relatively short lead times and enable us to deliver on time. In this way, we ensure the continuity of your processes and prevent machines from stagnating or you from having to adjust your planning. We hope that in this way we can offer some stability in these hectic times.