AQC sponsors URE Eindhoven and University Racing

AQC sponsors URE Eindhoven / University Racing

AQC sponsors URE Eindhoven with the production of PCBs. Sustainable / Quality / Performance / Speed / Innovation and above all have fun. All things that we have in common and pursue.

University Racing Eindhoven stands for technological innovation, teamwork and a passion for engineering. By competing in the Formula Student competition, the world’s largest engineering design competition, we try to push ourselves and our cars to new limits! Using a combination of the engineering skills of all the members and some help from our dear sponsors, we are able to build a high-tech revolutionary electric Formula-style racecar every year. During the Formula Student events, all over the world, the result of our hard work will be put to the test. The drive for being the very best comes from a passion for engineering deep within every one of our team members, resulting in something epic, year after year. However, the events aren’t only about winning, they are also a perfect place to share information with other teams and technological companies to develop new ideas. Overall, URE is a great place to gain experience in designing, manufacturing and tuning the racecars of the future and being a team player in an environment of highly motivated engineering students.