AQC rebuilds: more space for logistics, extra stock and presentations

AQC is growing! In addition to prototypes, we now also focus on serial work and annual orders, which we deliver in batches as required. This new way of working requires more space. Fortunately, we have that space in our building. Now, various internal renovations are taking place to make the part that we did not need before still usable.

Co-owner Erwin Lemmens says: “When we moved into our current premises at Zuiddijk in Helmond in October 2017, we didn’t need all the space. We therefore only took up half of it. However, AQC has grown so much in recent years that we are now also going to use the rest of the building. It is very pleasant that this opportunity is available.”

Larger logistics department

“Firstly, we are expanding our logistics department: it will be around three times larger. Whereas this department was filled with a few boxes in the early years, it has now become pallets and a lot of prototypes. The new, larger department will provide plenty of space for this and will make it possible to work with a forklift truck.”

Extra stockroom

There will also be an additional stockroom where larger shipments for customers will be stored. “This allows us to guarantee them a quick delivery,” Erwin explains. “Even when it comes to larger series. Last year, due to the worldwide shortage of raw materials, good stock has become even more important. By keeping extra stock, we ensure that we can continue to deliver to our customers. In this way, we offer them continuity and reliability.”

New presentation area

“Within AQC we do not have a production department, but we do want to be able to show customers and partners something and receive them somewhere. That is why we are equipping our premises with a beautiful presentation area. This room will be functional and cozy. An ideal place to receive people for project meetings or, for example, to organize technology sessions to inspire and inform people about technology.”

The renovation is now in full swing. The new stockroom is already largely ready. The new logistics department will follow in a month and finally we will start work on the presentation area. “We are looking forward to showing off the renovated premises soon.”